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15 Jul 2017
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Some Unique Fund Raising Ideas For Your Group


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Posted By Ralph M.

Fundraisers are a great way for a group to raise money. One of the most successful fundraisers you can do is to sell candy. There are many types of candy you can choose from. You can sell any type of sweets and have a hit fundraiser. Even though this fundraiser is done often it is still a hit due to the variety of candy you can sell. There are enough different candies to please any candy buyers taste.

First you will need to decide what kind of candy you would like to sell. With such a wide variety to choose from this may not be an easy choice. Will you sell candy bars, and if so how many different kinds of candy bars will you offer? Do you want to sell boxed candy that can be given as gifts? Do you want to sell gummy bears and suckers? Once you have narrowed your choice of candy down you will need to decide how many flavors or varieties you will offer. You may also want to offer a selection from each of these groups to insure an even bigger variety and selling group. The more choices you have the more you will sell. Don't get too carried away though, or people will be overwhelmed.

Next you will need to decide where you will be purchasing your candy. You will want to shop around and find the best deal. You can choose to go directly to a supplier, or use a manufacturer, or even retail. Some places may give you a better deal depending on the amount of candy you buy. If you go through companies who work especially with fund raising you will want to see who will give you the most profit for your sales. The whole point is to raise money for your group.

Online shopping is another option you have. This may be an easier way for you to compare prices. You can do all your researching from the comfort of your home, which will save you time, money, and energy. By going online you can choose the perfect company for your needs because you can choose from hundreds of companies. This may make your search a little more difficult than if you could only choose from companies in your area.

When shopping online you can narrow your search by knowing what kind of candy you would like to sell. By choosing your candy first you will only need to compare companies who have what you need. Not every company will offer exactly what you want or need for your fundraiser.

No matter which way you decide to go when ordering here are a few things to keep in mind. You will want to see if you get a discount depending on the amount you buy, and how much shipping will be. Some companies will charge you less for shipping depending on your order size. You will also need to find a company that will work with the payment options you have available.

Comments (2)

By Courtney W. on JUL 19 2017 @ 2:17PM

The big round lollipops are a really good one. We did that for my Japanese club and got a good amount of money.

By Joshua E. on JUL 17 2017 @ 11:15AM

If you see a no soliciting sign, does that mean people don't want fund raisers too?

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