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In parties, as favours, in parades- candies work everywhere

Candies- favoured by everyone, from kids to the aged are now popular in parties as well. The flavoured sweet dish, made from sugar solution comes in a variety of shapes and colour and are also available at online candy stores now. Affordably priced it has made its way to parties held on numerous occasions.

  • 12 Jul 2017

Wedding candy- a sugary touch to your Big Day

Relished by people of all ages, candies tend to give an extra touch of sweetness to every occasion they are present in, then why leave your wedding ceremony out?

Just like you choose your wedding cake, go ahead and choose candies for your wedding as well.

  • 9 Jul 2017
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10 Jul 2017
Posted By Nick K.

Using and Maintaining Your Home Chocolate Fountain

A home chocolate fountain offers a unique way to serve warm or melted chocolate fondue. The average fountain stands anywhere from 19-inches to an impressive 45-inches. The design consists of several tiers, with a round basin situated at the bottom. The heat, which is located under the fountain's basin, warms up the chocolate before a corkscrew pump pushes the chocolate up through the center of the fountain until it reaches the top.
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11 Jul 2017
Posted By Annie S.

Stock up on Bulk Candy for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Americans have always loved candy. Long before it was recognized as a nation, her inhabitants were eating maple syrup as a snack. The first settlers from Europe brought along sugary treats with them from the Old Country. Most of these sweets were made and enjoyed at home, rather than purchased at the store. The average settler knew how to make candies like licorice, pralines, marzipan, marshmallows and sugar plums on his own. These treats were often served as a desert or enjoyed as a snack.
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30 Jun 2017
Posted By Jenny A.

Chocolate Candy For The Connoisseur

Chocolate candy must be the most popular sort of candy in the world. It definitely is in Europe and America. We eat tons and tons of Mars, Cadburys, Lindt and Nestle chocolate candy every year. The sad thing is that most of the people who admit to liking chocolate have never tasted a proper bar of chocolate in their lives.To a connoisseur, chocolate candy can come from anywhere in the world although Belgium, Switzerland and France are the countries, whose names come to mind first.
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9 Jul 2017
Posted By Velma M.

A Little Bit Of Sweetness: All About Fudge

Is there anything more delicious on the tongue than the melting sweetness of a little bit of fudge? Fudge has been an American candy-making tradition for over 100 years and it is a guaranteed hit in homes as well as gift and candy shops all across the nation. Here is a little bit of info about this little bit of sweetness: fudge. Fudge's humble beginnings are a bit hazy, and no one can definitively pin down when the basic recipe actually came to be.
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8 Jul 2017
Posted By Bobbie F.

Sweet Dreams: Getting Started On Opening Your Own Candy Store

In today's tough business climate, many people have been forced into becoming career changers. Perhaps now is the time to open that candy store you've always dreamed of owning! The fact is, even in hard economic times, people are not willing to give up basic comfort foods; statistics show that chocolate and other candy sales are way up. But just having a vision in your head is never enough.
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1 Jul 2017
Posted By Jan R.

Chocolate Bunnies and Colored Eggs

Easter is a time of joy and happiness, and most of us get together with family and friends to celebrate and rejoice, search for dyed eggs, cook traditional Easter dinners, and have fun in the presence of loved ones.Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.Origins of EasterThe holiday known as Easter is when Christians celebrate the rising of Jesus Christ from the grave.
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